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23/June/2007 Love&Peace
I got a reply for my question I e-mailed yesterday.

My question was "Is there any chance we can get ZARD -WHAT A RARE TRACKS!- ?".
I was told they were not selling them right now.

Why can't you re-release them when I really want to listen to Izumi-san's voice?
Please please make this happen.

17/June/2007 SK
Non-san. I am so happy to have someone who has a same idea!

Dear CCP,
Please look back the archives around April 2004!
There are so many people mentioning about ZARD CCP.
Everyone hope 1st & 2nd to be re-released!
Right now, all the ZARD fan wants to listen to Sakai-san's voice.
Please consider it!

17/June/2007/ YH
All the stuff, I believe people's voice about re-releasing CD would not stop unless
you have a reasonable explanation why it is so difficult.

I am also the one of many people who hope the re-release of remix CD. If possible,
I would like to have GARNET CROW as well.

There are certain demands, but the reason why it can not be done is always vague.
We can not understand if the reason is "under the production circumstance". It was
sold at the concert venues in fact....It could be sold as production only by order....
What makes it so difficult!?

12/June/2007 non
As same as SK-san, I request you to release "Cool City Production vol.6
I could not decide to buy at a concert venue and I didn't. I should have bought it.
I remember CD was on sale at the venue. Please re-release as CDs.
I hope you can make it happen. Thank you very much.

29/May/2007 SK
ZARD "What Rare Tracks! -1st Edit-" was only sold at venues.
Could you please give me the last chance to purchase this?
Even catalog only is fine. Please consider it! Thank you.

20/Mar/2007 tm
GARNET CROW REMIX Cool City Production vol.8 can be downloaded from but it is not available for Macintosh/iPod. Could you sell at Apple iTunes store?

To be honest, I am a Mac user too. We will consider it, thank you! -CCP-

1/Mar/2007 satoshi

I was surprised to see a comment by someone who has same name.
What a coincident!
I can't wait to listen to a new CCP record!

16/Feb/'07 Satoshi

I have not heard anything new lately. I wonder if there will be any surprise?
Personally, I would like to listen to something Jazzy like C.C.P. Vol.1 Division of
Mark From Tokyo.
By the way, I hope you can distribute C.C.P. Vol.8 through iTune Stores.

Thank you very much!!! I will make some effort! -CCP-

26/Jan/'07 Toshio Kudou
I would like to purchase the CD "Cool City Production Vol.6 ZARD -What Rare Tracks!-ZARD Edit.
Has it been on sale? Please release it. I beg you!

I am sorry we are not planning to release it for now. - CCP -

23/Nov/'06 Oowada
I have a question.
Is it possible to order at large CD chain store?

Hello! For the "Fashionable Lounge" from Kafuka Records, I think it would be easier to
order from CCP directly even though it will cost postage. We can send it C.O.D. to
the address you wrote. Please let me know. Thanks

25/June/06 zero
I know there is quite a demand since people download albums like "GARNET CROW REMIXES Cool City Production vol.8". Is it really impossible to release it as a CD? I can download it but I want to have those songs I love as a CD. Could you please consider?

I am sorry but we are not planning to release them as a CD. Please enjoy as download. -CCP-

26/May/'06 AIR
Hello! I always enjoy the music! I am very happy that GIZA has many remixes lately such as "MIRACLE" by Rina Aiuch. I am looking forward to listening to more remix tracks. I have a question. I know Mai Kuraki's new single "Diamond Wave" is coming up in June. There will be a remix track as the 3rd track. I am curious about the remixer, Dr Heat. Could you tell me more about?

Hi AIR! Sorry for my late reply! CCP doesn't know so much about Dr. Heat. I will look up! -CCP-

19/May/'06 yuuri
It seems that Cool City Production vol.8 "GARNET CROW REMIXES" is available through internet. However I don't have a broadband connection and I can't download them. Could you consider the regular release?

I apologize your inconvenience but we are not planning to release the CD for now.-CCP-

07/April/06 raseon
Good evening. I am raseon, I left the comment the other day.
Finally the GARNET CROW remix album started to distribute online,
I was really looking forward to it!
I downloaded and listen to it. You did a good job, I will never get tired of it.
Especially, I love "Wasurezaki" "Spiral" and most of all "Nakenai Yorumo...".
After listening to it all the way through, it made me realize this is a good album.
Though it was a download, I am really happy. Thank you.
Looking forward to having it on CD.
Good luck with everything, I will be on your side!

Thank you very much! -CCP-

12/Feb/06 AZIG
Are you planning to distribute through
"Vodafone live!"?

We are currently not planning on it.