I have been a sound engineer for countless artists over the years. While making a living in the music world, I've come to know many young track-makers who have shown the capability to make cool, new sounds.
They would come to me and say, "Please listen to these new sounds I'm making," and pretty soon this became a daily thing. Sure enough, I soon had piles of demos. Then I thought, "Somehow I need to give these young kids a chance to go major . . ." And this was the beginning of the Cool City Productions project. But to tell the truth, it was really as simple as, "hey we have all these unused tracks, so let's make an album." That was the real beginning I guess.

In the end, though, I think that I just wanted to have fun.

There are no words to describe my sincere appreciation to all the trackmakers and artists who took part in this project. I am on a quest to meet new people in cities all over the world. The "Cool City Production" concept is based on, and exists for everyone who lives and works to the beat of the city.                      Masayuki Nomura