TRACK #4 Dazzling


He started his career as a hip-hop DJ in 1994 playing mostly in the downtown Tokyo area, and he's been doing his brand of energetic DJ play ever since.
In 1995, he created BPM production, an organization that focuses mainly on producing club events, and began another chapter in his work career as an event organizer.
From 1999 he started his career as a track-maker doing arranges and remixes.


[When I openened my eyes I could see a thin ray of light leaking through the gap of the curtain. With sleepy eyes I slowly walked towards the window. I pulled open the old and fraying curtains with an energetic thrust, and my eyes were completely blinded as I was enveloped by morning light. I put a hand on the window, and through the bottem of my eyes looked down at the city sprawling below me. I've gotta feeling today's gonna be a good day. I turned around, went back to the side of my bed and turned on the small radio sitting next to it. The song that I heard through the radio speakers was one of those songs you'll never forget・・・ 'dazzling'.] by DJ ME-YA