TRACK 8 F The way things go
TRACK MAKER F Dr.Terachi & Pierrot le fou


Dr. Terachi/ Born in Hiroshima prefecture, he started learning the piano at age four, and graduated from the Hiromshima University Educational department's school of music. In school, he learned songwriting and editing techniques. After
graduation, he did Jazz and Classical music recitals in western Japan. He first got into rock music after listening to the Beatles while he was in middle school. Since then, he has favored the rock of the 60's and 70's; bands like the Rolling Stones, Led Zepplin, and Cream. He has been involved with directing B'z, TWINZER, and Keiko Utoku, and presently works as a trackmaker. His arrangements have been used by Keiko Utoku, Chika Yoshida, Soul Crusaders, and more. He is always striving to make his vocal track arrangements shine.

Pierrot le fou/ Born in Tokyo on January 4th, 1971, he was from a young age very interested live-action photos, and took almost no interest in any compulsory subjects during his school boy days.
He was a bad student in his teens, but somehow he got himself together enough to make it into college where he learned live action photography.
But then he became very interested in live action photographer/musicians like Michel Lugran or Enio Moricone and promptly dropped his thesis study, and quit school. It was then he started working as an engineer, and on the side started doing sound design. He is especially good at creating unique sounds that could only be born from a person of such scattered, free-flowing background. And what will happen next? For now, at least, it seems safe to say that human experience is always ruled by the flow the water takes us. So it is, and so it must be for him.

COMMENT F [It's good with alcohol, or even with tea. Good in the dark, or during a relaxing
moment during lunchtime. So wherever or whatever you're doing, we just hope
you enjoy it...] by Dr.Terachi & Pierrot le fou