TRACK 10 F Farm Yard

This is the new musical project of Hiroshi Watanabe, who has used many different names over the years. The first album of this project, TREAD/ TREAD was released in September 2001 by norm, and is a wonderfully, casually archetected mixture of high sounds and dry beats.
It established a new kind of musical feeling that had never been heard before, and even though it was only released on Hiroshi's own independent label, it still becamae a hit with house, techno, electronica, and other post-rock fans and critics, getting attention and acclaim from all over the musical spectrum. That same year he released TREAD 2. With the beautiful melodies and un-Japaneseish rythm style the TREAD addict trend continued and recieved even higher acclaim then the first album. Popular acclaim of his musical style and originality are not just limited to Japan. He has also gotten much attention in praise from Europe as well. TREAD 3 was just
released this October, 2002.