TRACK #1 Stay by my side - Schweitzer mix
TRACK MAKER Schweitzer

Formed in 1997, this is one of the young Remix teams we expect great things out of in the future. Schweitzer is made up of engineer Kiyoshi Honma, producer Katsunari Mochitsuki, and arranger Makoto Saito. They have many different reimix names to there credit, inclduing "NEW GENERATION," which has been making countless CD's non-stop in the Techno and Eurobeat genre, many of of which have been released by major record labels.
At present, Katsunari is also performing as DJ Mocchi at several locations in the Tokyo area. He is a regular at many clubs and also plays at different music events. As a DJ, his specialties are eurobeat, hyper-techno, trance and hard-house. On the production side Kiyoshi uses his many production skills and musicl sesne to cover many genres of music. His use of different synthesizer sounds is especiall good, and the quality of sound matches up to the best in the world. As "Schweitzer," they have recently relased some pumping trance remixes like Mai Kuraki's "always" (on CCP vol. 2) and Rina Aiuchi's "NAVY BLUE," both of which have gained a lot of attention in the club music scene.