TRACK 2 F Come on! Come on!
TRACK MAKER F Miguel Graca

Miguel was born in Portugal, and it was there that he started taking piano and singing lessons. With experience in productions, remixing, DJing, and music sales, he has been linked to the music world for nearly all of the past 10 years.
In the 80's he formed a track- making unit/band, and at age twenty had his first club hit, "there 4 U." The track got airplay on New York's famous Kiss FM, and the famous Garage Music producer Robert Ouimet heard it, and soon after called Miguel to come to New York. They became musical parters, and for the past six years Miguel has worked with Ouimet, running Front records together, and releasing many hits all over the world.
In 1994 they won the JUNO AWARD (a Canadian music award) for Best original dance recording. Miguel has also released songs on many other labels. He is one of the top track-makers in the Canadian dance scene.