TRACK 5 F Delicious Way

While still in middle school, he was first "shocked" into music when he saw a KISS album jacket. He started listening to rock music soon after that, and went on to start his own band in high school. After entering college, he started writing and stocking up his own original works. While polishing his skills as a session player performing in many different live houses, he began his work as a composer, writing songs for other artists.
In the year 1995, he created the band PAMELAH.
It was around the time he started taking interest in more "global" sounds and he wanted to be able to take in the new musical elements he was listening to sound-wise in a band-like atmosphere. He also hoped that by doing this, he could keep himself from being just another "hard rock" artist.
Until they stopped working in 2001, the band released 14 singles and 7 albums.
He was in charge of all the songwriting, arranging and sound production for the band. He directed the remix album "PAMELAHOLIC" in which MALAWIROCKS, Shimomachi Kyodai, Yamada-Man (RAPPAGARIYA) and others participated. Currently he is writing , arranging, and remixing for many different artists.