TRACK 6 F Can't get enough`gimme your love`

He presently works as a DJ at France's RADIO FG (a TECHNO oreinted radio station) while DJing at some of the big city clubs on the side. Of course he also writes songs and produces music as well. After getting into music through HARDCORE TECHNO, he now is an irreplacalbe presence in the world of HOUSE music. His first meeting with TECHNO music came in 1992, and one year later in 1993 he made his DJ debut. He was soon spinning records in front of crowds in the tens of thousands. And of course he also participated in the big RAVES at the time.
In 1995 he released his first 12 inch to the world market. In a single leap it seemed he was now famous, and it was around then he began doing collaborations with artists like DJ Sex toy. In 1997, their song was chosen as the theme song for GAY PRIDE. Since then the work they have done with some of the bigger names in the music world that have called upon them has resulted in musical play and melodious sounds that could never be copied.