TRACK 7 F happy days

Along with remixes he's done for Speech's Arrested Development and other big artists as well as the commercial songs he's created, he also DJ's and works to create his own "original grooves" through his performances. With this creative flexibility, his highly sharpened sense of song selection has garnered high appraisal both in Japan and abroad. In Japan though, he has really made a name for himself, known as a DJ with a "special sense and essence." Whether it's as a DJ, or as a sound producer, DJ HAYSHI has made a big impact on the music scene today. The
sounds he creates has an openess to it that is full of undeniable charm.
Recently he has started work on projects that go beyond just sight and sound,working on stimulating all five senses; for instance, the collaboration projects he's started with artists into X-sports or live-art.
Just how far can a DJ spread his influence and commit himself to the society around him? That is the question that frames DJ HAYASHI's artistic and musical concept. Keep an eye out for this young talent!