TRACK 9 F Winter Bells
TRACK MAKER F Fellowship (D.Hickey/Courtesy of defunked)

Darren, the co-owner of Juice records and splash records, has released more than 100 single within the past 10 years. Not limiting himself to one genre, he has produced Deep house, techno, and Drum'n Bass.
At a very young age he always had a great interest in music that was always more than the other kids. During that time, he looked up to Marvin Gaye, Michael Jacson, and Curtis Mayfield. Then in the 80's, the electro music scene exploded. At that time, his "INTEREST" transformed into "INFATUATION".
After going through the stages of Break Dancing and Graffiti of Hip-Hop culture, he bought his first drum machine at the age of 14. Ever since, Darren has been making music. Then in 1986,Chicago House was born. He aquirea his first sampler and mixer in1989. In that same year he released his first record.
There after,Darren released many big titles as well as starting up a number of labels. He has found much success both as an administrator and creator.