TRACK 1 F DJ ME-YA's strong passion mix

He started his career as a hip-hop DJ in 1994 playing mostly in the downtown Tokyo area, and he's been doing his brand of energetic DJ play ever since.
In 1995, he created BPM production, an organization that focuses mainly on producing club events, and began another chapter in his work career as an event organizer.
He produced eight different events in 1997, out of which many of the rappers, singers, and dancers started their careers and are still quite active in the music music scene today.
From 1999 he started his career as a track-maker doing arranges and remixes.
From computer-program sequencing, to musical directiion and even studio recording, he has developed very consistant production skills. He also uses the musical sense cultivated from years of working as a hip-hop DJ like a weapon, attacking us with the thick beats he continues to put out.
With experience working as a studio musician on the turn-tables,the transformer-scratches he carefully crafts from the delicate touch of his fingers are very good, and his "sample" sounds very precise. He puts these many talents to work with many different aritsts in the major music scene of Japan, like Mai Kuraki, Rina Aiuchi, ZARD, JASON ZODIAC, Soul Crusaders, and Yoshida Chika.