TRACK #7 : Lost Boys


UK ׶ ſ Ͼָ Bootee ֱ 극ũ Ʈ 谢 ߽ϰ ִ Plastic Raygun Ŵ̱⵵ ϸ鼭, Vandal̶ ̸ DJ εེ ϰ .
Bootee ̸μ 6 UK Ŭ Gumball Rally Jean Jacques Smoothie Ȩ׶̱⵵ Milky Bar DJ , Jean Jacques Smoothie ֱWhitney Houston ͽ Ƿڹ Dynamo Dresden, UK극ũ Ʈ ۽Ÿ Phantom Beats εེ ϰ.
Vandal̶ ̸μ Dimension, Stabilizer, Stereo Deluxe ͽ ϰ . 1 Vandalù ַν̱[Delivering The Goods] ߸.
NME M8 magazine ȣ ް .


[The idea of this track was to look at an original take on the dance/chillout theme by bringing styles together. The guitar was based upon an old American folk track, the strings sound like the soundtrack to a Hollywood movie and the bassline was influenced by old UK dub.]by Bootee